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Weeklyhouse Punch Cigar Box Guitar


$ 129.95

3 string Cigar Box Guitar with electric pickup.  Weeklyhouse CBGs are affordable and sound great.  Hand built and ready to rock and roll.  Tuned to G-D-G...guitars like this is how the blues was born.


Each CBG is completely hand made and the appearance will vary.  Functionality is the same.

The box is a Punch, with volume control.

It has sound holes.

There are 22 medium steel frets with fret markers.Frets are NOT glued,they are pressure installed.Hand installed one at a time.

It is a Martin long scale (25.340).Total length of guitar is 35in.

Floating Bone bridge.

Neck-thru body construction.

Solid Pine neck and the fretboard is poplar.The neck and fretboard are seperate woods.This adds great strength and stability to the neck.

Neck is rounded in the back for comfortable playing.

Polyurethane is applied to the neck for that glossy look but most importantly for the protection it provides.

Three open tuning keys.Operate smoothly.

Piezo pickup installed with a long shaft Neutrik brand input.

Guitar is strung with light acoustic 80/20 Bronze strings.Gauges 42,32,25.Tuned to open G(GDG).But any tuning can be accomplished.

Very comfortable to play with the fingers.The neck is very true which also makes it great to play slide and switch to your fingers instantly without worrying about fret buzz.

Sounds great acoustic or electric.The action is set up so that it can easily be played with or without a slide.

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