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The Blues Brothers Connection Figures

SD Toys

$ 49.99

Leave them in the package or pull them out...these highly collectable Jake and Elwood figures are among the most detailed figures of the Blues Brothers that have ever reached the market.  Hats...sunglasses...sure.  Windblown ties and coats...mmmmhhhhmmm.  Jakes even got a little belly.  Super detailed.  You'll love these figures.

You HAVE to have these figures.  Each comes with a detachable hat, stand, and license plate.  Did we mention that the stand/license plate join together in the middle?

You've got a few options with Jake or Elwood separate or together.  NIB or unboxed.  Each one that is unboxed is nearly mint with minimal or zero wear.  The NIB Blues Brothers are obviously in perfect shape but the boxes might not be...however, they are intact.

They don't make these anymore so get your set today!

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