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Old Skool Custom Harmonica

Sugar Harp

$ 199.99

Keep It Old Skool

This is the Jake Robinson Signature Custom Harmonica. Now available for preorder.  Each harp is a fully customized Hohner Marine Band made by Sugar Cain's Custom Harmonicas. Each reed has been skillfully adjusted to be perfect straight out of the box.  It will bend and overblow easier than any store bought harmonica and is ergonomically altered to avoid sharp edges.  All imperfections have been removed and the end result is a perfect harmonica. Each harmonica has been tuned to 19 Limit Jake Knows Harmonica Signature Just Intonation or Sugar's popular pre-war tuning.  This means you get 6 overblow and 7, 8, 9, 10 blow bends.  The reeds will be squeal free and crisp and perfect for pucker and tongue block styles. Plus, each comb has been painted (using non toxic paint and sealant) for a vintage look. These harps will stand out with looks and sound!

Why the Old Skool is better

People say to us all the time...
"I've been playing (enter random harmonica here) since the 1970s and they work fine for me." 
Here is Jake's favorite..."I can play exactly what he just did on a stock harmonica." 
The point is...there are lots of harmonicas on the market, but customized harmonicas are better for multiple reasons.  Standard harmonicas are mass produced and many times have flaws.  Most of them will play just fine...but if you demand perfection...then you will have to open them up and tweak them.  Sugar doesn't just open the harp up and spend a few minutes straightening everything up...he spends HOURS on each harmonica.  He'll tweak a harmonica and get it right and then let it sit for a few days.  Brass reeds will adjust themselves depending on the environment (humidity/temperature) and need to be readjusted a few days later...this process goes on for weeks.  How does Sugar know when the reeds are perfect?...he has RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE tools and tuners that let him know when the reeds are in the exact place, no guesswork here!
The end result is a harmonica that is more responsive (I'm talking about the slightest breath responsive), has more volume, and superior tone.  The Hohner Marine Band is already a great harmonica, just check out the reviews by some of the most respected harp players out there...with Sugar's help these harps have been elevated to an entirely new level...get ready and order yours today...we've got all the major keys and 2 tunings to choose from.

Each harmonica is built to order and there is an approximate 8 to 20 week waiting period for build times.  A TON of work goes into each harmonica and that work takes time.  This wait is necessary as each harmonica will be nothing less than perfect when it leaves the workshop.

Did I mention that you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on this model?



  • Ergonomically grooved for hand cupping and 4 different grip positions
  • Pre-war of JI Tuning
  • Reeds tuned to Jake's exact specifications
  • Custom hand tuned with burrs removed
  • (non-toxic) colored comb
  • Polished cover plates for extra shine


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