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F-6 Overdrive Effects Pedal

BigLloyde, Inc

$ 159.00

The F-6 is a versatile blues flowing machine that is perfect with guitar and really opens up the envelope on a blues harp.

Expect real control. Using the dedicated Mid Shape knob and the familiar Bass and Treble adjustments, you can change many of the pedal's characteristics. Combine it with the Drive control to go from a clean boost to serious crunch. Crank it for a modern, forward drive tone. Relax it for a laid-back sound. Explore its versatility, because no one knows your tone better than you.

Mechanical reliability and great electronics are the foundations of high-performance gear for musicians. All parts in the F-6 Overdrive are exceptionally high quality, sourced from component makers like Switchcraft, Carling, and Alpha. The circuit boards are manufactured here in the United States of America. All jacks and switches are mounted to the chassis and hand-wired in. There is no acceptable compromise when making something road-worthy, and BigLloyde does everything possible to ensure that your pedal will be around for many years to come.

The F-6 Overdrive offers advanced features and rare flexibility. Take control of your tone.


  • Handcrafted in America

  • Relay True Bypass using the superior Carling foot-switch

  • When engaged, high impedance JFET input buffer helps prevent "tone suck"

  • Through hole plated PCB, manufactured in U.S.A.

  • 1% metal film resistors

  • Top quality film capacitors

  • Alpha potentiometers

  • Switchcraft Input and Output Jacks

  • All Jacks and Switches mounted to the enclosure and hand-wired in

  • Durable Enclosure by Pedal Parts Plus

  • Level, Drive, Treble, Bass, and Mid Shape controls

  • Bright red indicator LED

  • Internal Battery Snap, as well as external DC jack

  • 5 year warranty



  • Power Draw: 12mA

  • “125B” size enclosure (2.6” X 4.8”)