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Electro Voice M43U Dynamic Vintage Mic

Last Call Microphones

$ 239.95

Durable and Ready to crank some BLUES

This refurbished Electro Voice M43U Military mic is a workhorse with a great sounding dynamic element.  It's sturdy, easily mounts to a stand or can be held in the hand...it may have been made for the military...but this thing works great with harmonica.

Setup by Last Call Microphones for use with blues harp...this mic has a conveniently placed volume knob, a 1/4" jack, and still includes the original mic stand mount.  Rare, powerful, durable, and ready to rock...we've only got one so get yours today!


-Light weight shell

-Mic stand mount

-Sturdy dynamic element

-1/4" jack for plug n play straight into your amp

-Conveniently placed volume knob

-60 day warranty

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