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Blue Turner +2 Vintage Ceramic Microphone

Last Call Microphones

$ 215.95

Bright Blue Bluesification

The Turner +2 Mic may have been made for sitting on a desktop, but this mic was made for harmonica.  Modified by Last Call Microphones, the shell has been chopped and smoothed and allows the mic to be easily held in a cupped hand.  A 1/4" jack has been installed on the bottom opposite of the fin for use with a regular instrument cable.  A rear facing volume "tone" knob has been added to take your volume from 0 to 10 with a roll of your pinky.
The chopped shell has been sanded and painted blue.  The grill is original and bears the signs of decades of wear.  This mic looks like a restored hotrod...decades old but lovingly polished but ruggedly worn.
Don't let the age fool you.  The vintage ceramic element is still kicking and ready for cranking out some serious blues.


-1/4" jack
-Rear facing volume knob
-Original ceramic element
-Painted and sanded blue shell
-60 day warranty that covers the element

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