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Big Bad Wolf Bullet Mic

Copperhead Vintage

$ 219.99

It'll Huff...It'll Puff...and it'll BLOW YOUR HOUSE DOWN

This little mic maybe tiny, but the Big Bad Wolf Bullet Mic carries some serious volume!  Fitted with a vintage Astatic element and a booster's cranking out over 1,900ohms.  With that much mojo it HOOOOOOOOWLS!

Customized by Copperhead Customs, this mic is made from a durable, commercially available shell that Copperhead has been using FOR YEARS to make harmonica microphones.  It's small and comfortable to hold and perfect for smaller hands that dislike the larger size of most bullet mics.

The element is from the ever popular Astatic 335 line of low z mics.  These elements create great tone and fitted with a booster can get very, very loud.  This mic will literally blow you away at high volumes.

Big things can come in small packages and the Big Bad Wolf Bullet Mic is a blues breathing tone monster, built in the Delta by an authentic Delta Bluesman, using vintage parts.  You get quality, tone, and a 60 day warranty that covers the vintage element.  So snag yours today and get ready to have a howlin' good time!


-Vintage Astatic element with a booster transformer that produces 1,900ohms+

-Vintage 2501 screw on connector

-60 warranty covering the vintage Astatic element


Love the mic?  Then you'll probably love the t-shirt! 

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