Astatic 10DA Vintage Bullet Mic – Old School Music Company

Astatic 10DA Vintage Bullet Mic

Copperhead Vintage

$ 244.95

This old school Astatic 10DA has been transformed into a wailing harp mic.  The Astatic 10 series of mics are extremely sturdy and easy to hold.  Copperhead Custom microphones has outfitted this vintage shell with a 1/4" jack and a volume knob.


-1/4" jack for plug-n-play straight into an amp

-Conveniently placed volume knob that's easy to reach but out of the way

-60 day limited warranty

As with all Copperhead Vintage mics, this one comes with a 60 day warranty.  If this mic ceases to function under normal use within the first 60 days, we'll replace it, fix it, or refund your money!  That's how we roll.

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