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Astatic 10C Vintage Ceramic Bullet Mic

Copperhead Vintage

$ 254.99

This Astatic 10C mic houses an original ceramic element with very strong output.  Expertly modified by Copperhead Customs, this vintage has been setup to perfectly suit harmonica with a easy to access volume knob and a convenient 1/4" jack. It's a WAILER!

The unique bullet shape of the 10C gives the vintage ceramic element an awesome tone.  It also allows a slip free grip on the mic.  The light weight shell means you can play longer without fatigue, but it's definitely got a sturdy heft to it.

"they don't make them like they used to," sounds cliché...but it's truth.  This durable mic has stood the test of time and it'll be a trusty addition to your harp gear collection for years to come.


-Strong output ceramic element

-1/4" jack for use with a normal instrument cable

-Rear mounted volume knob

-60 day warranty

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