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50 Cal Bullet Mic

Copperhead Customs

$ 209.95

Feedback resistant and ready to wail!

Now you can lock and load your amped harmonica with the all new 50 Cal!  Made by Copperhead Custom Microphones, stationed right in the American Delta...this bullet mic is literally the high caliber, blues firing, drop 'em dead mic you've been waiting for. 1/4" input and a volume knob make this a normal harp mic...but the low feedback element that powers this fire breathing machine of blues keeps the volume pumping!

Element and Volume: 

The 600ohm dynamic element was specifically chosen and placed with the Copperhead shell to ensure superb tone and most importantly...feedback resistance*.  The element allows the overall tone to remain the same at lower as well as higher volumes.  The 50 Cal performs evenly and is designed to sound the same whether the volume knob is set to 1 or 10.  At higher volumes, the placement of the element inside the shell means that feedback will be minimal compared to similar microphones.  Plug in effects, turn your amp up, and get used to going places other bullet mics cannot.

Why the 50 Cal?: 

Copperhead has been making a name for itself refurbishing vintage mics and creating new custom microphones and shipping them worldwide.  The 50 Cal is the newest in the line of standard Copperhead mics that utilizes the feedback resistant element and the custom (and genuine) .50 caliber shell covering the 1/4" jack.  The Copperhead shell is smooth, easy to hold, and light weight.  With the tone, looks, warranty, reputation, and known quality...the 50 Cal is one of the best harmonica mics on the market.

About Copperhead: 

Headquartered in Alabama, right inside the Mississippi Delta region, Copperhead Custom mics is a maker of fine blues manufacturing devices.  Owned and operated by a blues man in the heart of blues country, the love of blues and harmonica in general is evident with each and every mic that leaves the workshop.  The people of the Delta know hard work, hard times, and good music...so when you buy a Copperhead mic...you're buying a quality mic that's been infused with soul, quality craftsmanship, and a lifetime of old school values.


- 600ohm dynamic microphone element
- Switchcraft 1/4" input for plug and play with most instrument cables and amps
-Sturdy volume knob under the shell for easy reach (500k volume potentiometer)
-Feedback resistant element
-Manufacturers warranty to be free of defects


*Note - the element is feedback resistant, not feedback free.  If you're immediately in front of a loud amplifier with the volume turned all the way up...you may experience feedback depending on your proximity to the amp.  Feedback resistance means that compared to similar mics, this one will be much more forgiving at higher volumes. 

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